Soyuzivka: Your Catskills Wedding Destination
Soyuzivka is located in the most beautiful and scenic of locations, between the Shawangunk and Catskill mountain range in upstate New York. This makes it a perfect venue for that special day in your life. 

With breathtaking views of the mountains and rustic charm of our surroundings, a Soyuzivka wedding is one that you will never forget.

Whether you desire a formal reception for 300, a festive Ukrainian traditional celebration, or a casual informal affair for 50, Soyuzivka offers the ideal setting. 

Soyuzivka's mission is  to preserve and share the Ukrainian culture. Every summer, the Center hosts and subsidizes a comprehensive children's summer camp program, educational seminars, folk festivals and cultural events. To help defray the costs of providing these programs, we are  pleased  to share this beautiful facility with the community and make it available for weddings, christenings and other special events when programs are not in session.  It is a favorite among brides and grooms. And for the couples that desire a celebration infused with ancient old traditions and customs, Soyuzivka offers that possibility. In the past, weddings were a three day celebration. At Soyuzivka, this old world tradition continues.  
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Since every one of our weddings is unique, our web site cannot answer all of your questions. 
Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you begin the planning of your  Wedding Day.  

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Ceremony venues include a nearby houses of worship and an on-site chapel in the woods. A unique modern mountain church, Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church, is located right at the entrance of Soyuzivka.